Value moves the world
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a reality in continuous motion


thoughts in motion

The founders Antonio Livio Costamagna and Francesco Ceniccola start a small business in the field of electronics in which they had been active for years.


the Vip: one for all and all for one

A great technological idea that anticipates the competition: a channel control panel remote control that allows to use a single product for multiple applications.


a new location, open to the world
nuova sede - vista notturna nuova sede - vista diurna

The new location was inaugurated in January: a contemporary architecture, reviewed by the prestigious architecture magazine "The Ark", a meeting space for people and ideas.


present to the future

Our research continues, looking to the future, toward home automation signed by V2.


The Number One is born in House

V2 produces the first radio control in its history: a conquest that marks the birth of a type of important product for the company, which will contribute to its future success.


the Personal Pass: a step forward
personal pass

A new product, small in size yet featuring great technology: database based management software and programming possibilities by the installer.


open Europe
francia - spagna - portogallo

France, Spain, Portugal: the conquest of new countries. To be closer to our Customers and offer a timelier service.


the story becomes automatic

V2 produces and distributes the first range of electronic equipment for the automation of gates.


the year of Mechanics
motore silver

Quality, safety and reliability: these are the characteristics of the first motors manufactured by our company, with new applications in the field of the automation of awnings and rolling shutters.


the world is not enough
cina - marocco - tunisia

Many projects in continuous expansion and the borders are tight: the branches of Tunisia and Morocco are established in 2007. In 2008 V2 arrives in China.


open borders: V2 Spain and beyond

V2 Spain, a commercial branch for the Spanish speaking markets, is established in Barcelona. The V2 range is more and more appreciated abroad. And this is just the beginning...


Handy: a jewel designed by Giugiaro

While the construction of the new futuristic headquarters in Racconigi starts, Giugiaro designs for us a prestigious and exclusive remote control. A great stylist for a great technology.


an ever more positive Mood
linea mood

Enlargement of the range of products, with a particular focus on the mechanics: the Mood line, that includes Axil, Forteco, Alfariss, Hyperfor, Zariss, Ayros, Zenia, is born.